LESSON 2 «NAUTY WORDS» and new Greek words, Cosmetics, Universe, and your Ego.   **Here’s Lesson 2, for all of you who have now conquered the Greek alphabet and can sing the Greek alphabet without any mistakes (did you really, really do your homework? If not, go back to Lesson 1 and master the Greek […]

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All Quiet in Western Kabul

It’s an ordinary summer night in western Kabul. Or so it seems to me on this ten-day “Reality Tour” of Afghanistan. The brilliant adolescent moon pours out light above the ruined habitations, bombed out mosques, and twisted wreckage that testify to 24 years of war here. The stars pulse against a cloudless sky swept clean […]

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Teaching law in China – A view from within

In 1998-2000, I taught law at one of China’s most prominent universities, Wuhan University. A Fulbright took me there for the first year, but remarkable students held me for another year. The university extended me an offer to continue as a visiting professor at Mother Teresa wages (about $400 a month), and I eagerly accepted. […]

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