My services:

  1.  Tutoring and mentoring grade school through high school students on LA’s Westside:  I offer teaching, coaching, mentoring, and tutoring services at your home.  I’ll help you with writing, exploring literature, studying ancient Greek (my great love) and exploding your vocabulary potential through a study of word origins.  English, French, Italian, and elementary German or Latin as well as ancient Greek are in my toolkit, along with a lifelong passion for language and literature.  Developing skills of self-expression and fluidity with language means mastering a very capacious vocabulary — something that acquiring another language, especially ancient Greek, can foster. And it’s fun!  And as one who has aced many critical exams, I learned that vocabulary was key to my doing so well on standardized tests (SAT, GRE, LSAT).
  2. Mentoring and coaching with your college searches — geared to your personality, needs, and development of your potential.  College, for most high school graduates, is for exploration and growth, not for focusing too early on a profession or educational corridor.
  3. Preparing gifted students for the first semester of law school, or coaching them through exams and research papers.
  4. In just a few select cases, helping law grads think through their career options and plan how to go about fashioning their potential and necessary contacts to do so.

I take no more than 8 students at a time and commit totally to your development and intellectual growth.  Working together in your home, where it is comfortable for you (and your parents), we meet once or twice a week and plan a course of action with concrete goals.

Fees:  Our first meeting is without cost or commitment to you.  If we decide on a plan, I normally ask for a minimum of three months’ commitment.

For a discussion of fees, please email me at with your zip code and a description of your needs/goals, or call (424) 272-5110 and leave a voice message.  I will call you back within 48 hours, and I look forward to hearing from you.