“I’ve known Judy for over thirty years. Her wit, energy, and passion for both law and literature have guided me first as her law student and later as fellow teacher, lawyer, and in my judicial career. Her love of ideas and sympathetic understanding made learning with her a joy and I’m continually seeking her advice on what to read next.”

J.M., Senior Judge, United States Circuit Court of Appeals


“Several of my colleagues at Harvard have expressed their admiration for her buoyant personality, her personal warmth, the interest she keenly shows in other peoples’ ideas, and the breadth of her learning. My law students were excited by her lecture on “Ideas of Human Nature in the U.S. Constitution;”  she gave them a perspective on the law they will not forget.”

D.W., Chaired Professor of Law, pre-eminent east coast law school


“As founding secretary of the Law and Humanities Institute, Koffler brought her talents to bear in establishing the world-wide community that helped create the “very idea of law and literature.” She is a superb, well-disciplined, and devoted teacher, rigorous yet constantly mindful of the human element that guides and girds institutions.”

R.W., Chaired Professor of Law, major N.Y. law school


“Prof. Koffler is a worldly scholar in the classic sense, whose positive imprint on her students lasts a lifetime.  While I was in law school, it was well known on campus that to enroll in one of her classes was a golden opportunity not only to learn the material from a master, but also to enjoy the process.  She imposed strict and rigorous academic standards, treated her students fairly and with respect, and approached teaching with good humor.  Her door was always open.  Students sought her counsel on personal matters and her advice inevitably helped many succeed.  Her influence on my life has been incalculable.

S.B., former student and N.Y. attorney


“I really love her class; Law and Literature. She inspires us all to dive into the material and have a thoughtful discussion. This is the law school class I have been waiting for – a course in being a better human.”

Anon. student evaluation


“Prof. Koffler has the magic of leading her students into fascinating discussions on American constitutional law; she helped us understand the American people and society through law study. She devoted time and energy into helping Chinese students enter into study in the U.S. and helping me win acceptance at Harvard Law School.”

H.Z., Wuhan University, China, and Harvard LL.M. candidate


“You have impacted my life significantly and I will be forever grateful for that! I am on my way to college now with greater insights for I’ve been lucky enough to have had you as my mentor. You opened my mind and took me under your wing with so much care and patience. I am thankful for everything you did, for your lessons made my entry to college easier and my perspective on life so much finer. You are a woman of great power and authority and to me that is something extremely inspirational. You have genuinely showed me the limitless and infinite power that a woman has which has led me to be on a discovery of my powers. I will be on my way to college with a seed of knowledge and love that you carefully placed in my heart. Thank you for being an extraordinary human and for showing me the beauty of life!”

K.C., South LA inner-city mentee from age 13, now on her way to college.